Our wide range of services include boarding/taping, texture removal and ceiling skimming, texture blending and much more.


Boarding And Taping

For large production jobs, Proper Ceilings and Walls provides quality installation at competitive rates. Common projects include home renovations, new builds and commercial spaces.


Texture Blending

For leaks and other small ceiling repairs, it’s not always necessary or cost effective to completely redo a textured ceiling.  Our experts offer an alternative option. We repair any damage that has been done to your ceiling and re-texture the damaged area to leave you with a seamless finish.


Drywall Repairs And Vaccum Sanding

Over time buildings shift causing drywall to crack. We have an extensive amount of experience in repairing these cracks.  By vacuum sanding we capture dust at the point of origin to reduce hazardous air pollutants and clean-up.


Texture Removal and Ceiling Skimming

Outdated textured ceilings can be an eyesore and updating them can seem like a daunting, messy project.  We make the process of removing existing texture and skimming ceilings as painless as possible. With proper site prep and the use of vacuum sanders, we eliminate the headache involved with the process.

Proper Ceilings and Walls has experience with both commercial and residential work – from small repairs to extensive production jobs. We specialize in drywall installation and repair but our expertise does not stop there. Whether you have a small hole that needs patching, a ceiling that needs updating or a large multi-family complex that needs boarding and taping – we’ve got you covered.